Meet the LiveAnswer Team


Adam Boalt

Adam Boalt, Chief Executive Officer

Adam is the Founder and CEO of LiveAnswer, Inc. based out of Pipeline Brickell. Launched in March of 2014, LiveAnswer technology is revolutionizing the call center model and has provided over 3 million minutes of on-demand phone support to over 1000 businesses including: Uber, the Game Show Network, Dome 9 and the Hearst Corporation. Prior to LiveAnswer, Adam founded which was voted #1 by the Wall Street Journal and became one of the largest 24 hour passport expeditors in the world. Over the course of his career, Adam has raised multiple rounds of financing for other startups he co-founded and is a regular speaker in various topics ranging from Government 2.0 to Entrepreneurship. He has also been featured in several publications including Entrepreneur, Forbes, INC and ZDNet for his accomplishments.

Matt Zemon

Matt Zemon, Chief Operating Officer

Matt comes to LiveAnswer from his role as CEO of American Support, an inbound and outbound telesales provider to 5 of the top 10 cable companies in America. With three call centers in Florida and work-at-home employees across 18 states, during his tenure American Support was named as one of the top 10 places in the cable industry to work. Matt is the Chairman of Jobs4America, the Entrepreneur-in-Residence for the National Military Spouse Network and serves on the board of Entrepreneurs' Organization Raleigh Durham. Matt holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Leadership Studies from the Jepson School of Leadership at the University of Richmond and has completed the EO/MIT Entrepreneurial Masters Program.

Sichon Domrongchai

Sichon Domrongchai, Director of Product Development

Sichon specializes in creative strategy and design for all consumer facing aspects of LiveAnswer. From the UI/UX of the software on through the marketing initiatives of the company, he’s able to leverage close to 20 years of experience working as a senior level designer and creative director. He possesses a wide range of skills from front-end design and branding, to information architecture and user experience. Prior to LiveAnswer, he has worked as a high level creative for various companies, from traditional ad agencies to startups and web development boutiques. Sichon is a alumni of the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale with an Associates of Science degree in Visual Communications and won best portfolio of his graduating class..

Shomari Drew

Shomari Drew, Director of DevOps

With over 15 years experience building advanced information systems for application delivery, music and entertainment, corporate infrastructure, and digital marketing/interactive media, Shomari Drew brings real world insight for system dependability and elasticity to the LiveAnswer team.

Enmanuel Corvo

Enmanuel Corvo, Lead Application Engineer, Back-End

Enmanuel leads the backend development and call center interaction for LiveAnswer. He has been with us almost from the very beginning and has worked in every module of the LiveAnswer application. It is his mission to deliver efficiency and high performance all around. Enmanuel holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science from Florida International University.

Tomas Palomo

Tomas Palomo, Lead Application Engineer, Front-End

Tomas leads the way for our Front End and User Experience development. Bringing over 10 years front end and five years of javascript application development experience to the table, it is his mission to make our services hum smoothly and work everywhere for our customers. He specializes in HTML / CSS and JavaScript development, focuses on clean and modular development practices, site performance, and general business process improvement. He holds a BA in Management Information Systems, BA in International Business, and a Master of Science Degree in Management Information Systems from Florida International University.

Alberto Estrada

Alberto Estrada, Sr. Application Engineer

Alberto brings to the team more than 7 years of experience in PHP and backend development to LiveAnswer team. He also possesses experience in a wide range of technologies including AngularJS, MySQL, CSS3, and JavaScript. His mission is to work directly with the LiveAnswer engineering team to create and find solutions within the current/future product requirements. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from the University of Puerto Rico.

Waldemar Figueroa

Waldemar Figueroa, Sr. Application Engineer

Waldemar brings more than 5 years of experience in responsive web applications technology including AngularJS, HTML / CSS, Responsive Design, modern task runners and front-end deployment workflows. He brings a passion for a clean, fast and accessible Web, and has a keen eye for UI design and user experience. His mission is to assist on ensuring a fast and smooth service, improving our customers' bottom lines. Waldemar holds a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science from the InterAmerican University of Puerto Rico.

Alan Read

Alan Read, Sr. Application Engineer

Alan brings to the team more than 10 years of backend development as well as 7 years of front end development. Alan is a versatile developer who specializies in building high-perfomance, customer pleasing applications that adhere to standards compliant Javascript/HTML/CSS. He will be working on LiveAnswer's engineering team to enhance our infrastructure for current & future products. He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Computer Science from Florida International University.

Mark Henry

Mark Henry, Sr. Application Engineer

Native to the South Miami area with a graphic design background, Mark Henry (not the wrestler) has over 9 years web application development experience and brings additional support to the team in both backend and frontend development. He will assist the future developement of the LiveAnswer engineer team.

Fabio Campos

Fabio Campos, Sr. Front-End Engineer

With more than 5 years of experience in IT, web and desktop programming, Fabio brings a great range of experience to the team. He graduated in Havana, Cuba as an Informatics' Sciences Engineer and is a full stack PHP developer having development area experience, worked alone and as a team member. He has common knowledge of executing several concurrent projects and working in cross-functional teams. Experienced in Web design and photographic design also. Lately involved into hybrid apps and always willing to learn everyday. He also loves music and BBQs ;)

Justin Navarro

Justin Navarro, Sr. Front-End Engineer

Justin is a full stack developer with more than 9 years experience in building, enhancing, and optimizing websites and applications. He is passionate in building clean, fast, and scalable applications using the latest trends in technology. Justin graduated from Florida Atlantic University with Bachelor's degree in Graphic Design, and a Bachelor's Degree in Computer Animation. As a developer, Justin loves solving problems and is very versatile, specializing in design, frontend and backend technologies. On his free time, Justin enjoys watching movies, playing games, and traveling.

Roy Hill-Percival

Roy Hill-Percival, Principal Software Engineer, R&D

Roy is an experienced technical systems architect and security researcher who has designed and built distributed ephemeral cryptographic messaging systems, web infrastructure, and analytical systems. He holds a patent in the field of event-driven distributed real-time systems, and has general experience designing and building protocols, compilers, parsers, proxies, and the like. Furthermore, Roy is actively performing research in the fields of machine learning with neural networks, and blockchain messaging. He holds a BS in Computer Science from the New Jersey Institute of Technology.

Edouard Barthelemy

Edouard Barthelemy, Sr. Software Engineer, R&D

Edouard is an ICT Engineer specialized in Web, Mobile and System administration with more than 6 years of experience around the globe. Blossoming husband, father, nature lover and scuba diver in the prime of life, he believes that work, rigor, discipline and courage overcome innate talent and are the only way to greatness. Edouard spent the last couple of years putting his efforts in designing and developing useful applications for new technologies in order to enhance people lives. He holds a Master Degree in General Engineering with a specialization in Computer Science and Information Technology from HEI (“Hautes études d'ingénieur” / “High engineering studies”), Lille, France.

James Manlapid

James Manlapid, Sr. Software Engineer, R&D

James has been developing web and mobile applications as a full stack engineer for more than 4 years. He is a Rutgers alumnus with a BSc in Computer Science and also a brother of Alpha Kappa Lambda fraternity. He prides his work on utilizing the latest technology trends, best practices, and leadership to deliver the best possible product. He enjoys his free time time hiking and camping outdoors, cooking, and appreciating live music.

James Manlapid

John Politowski, Sr. Front-End Engineer

John is a graphic designer and front end developer with 20 years of bringing graphics, animation and interactive experiences to the web. He has an affinity for mobile, and has created many IOS apps. In the early days of CSS adoption he was a contributor to CSS Zen Garden, and has had his designs and code featured in several books, most recently: Web Design in Easy Steps: 5th Edition by Sean McManus. He graduated with a BFA in computer arts from the Academy of Art in San Francisco, with a specialization in graphic design and 3d modeling.

Felipe Gomez

Felipe Gomez, Sr. iOS Mobile Engineer

Felipe leads the mobile engineering team for LiveAnswer Android and iOS. Specializing in the design and development of iOS apps, he has worked on E-Commerce apps for companies like Office Depot and IBM, and has published mobile apps to the AppStore since 2008. Felipe has extensive experience in Speech Recognition and Call Flows, and has submitted a dozen patents and publications for IBM. Felipe holds a Bachelors Degree in Computer Information Systems from Florida Atlantic University.

David Ocampo

David Ocampo, Product Strategy Manager

David brings five years of customer service and sales experience to the team as LiveAnswer's Community Manager. He ensures that LiveAnswer's several features work in concert with every user's needs and establishes the human connection with LiveAnswer customers. David holds a Bachelor's degree in International Relations from Florida International University.

Kristina Abela

Kristina Abela, Product Strategy Manager

With over five years of experience in sales, Kristina is a sales and marketing professional who is responsible for maintaining LiveAnswer's customer relationships and developing the company's marketing strategies. Kristina holds a Bachelor's degree in Marketing from Florida International University.

Ashley Pouya

Ashley Pouya, Product Strategy Manager

Ashley is a graduate from Florida International University with a Bachelors degree in Marketing, as well as a minor in Social Media and E-Marketing Analytics. She brings in customer service and marketing experience to the LiveAnswer team here in Miami. Ashley is responsible for maintaining relationships with customers and making sure their accounts are working properly and to their full advantage. When not working, she enjoys her free time playing with animals, eating, and being outdoors!

Mariana Quiroz-Garces

Mariana Quiroz-Garces, Product Strategy Manager

Mariana is a graduate from Florida International University with a BA in Psychology and a minor in Global Media. With over four years of experience as a brand ambassador and in customer service, Mariana is responsible for ensuring various LiveAnswer features are functioning properly for users and assists in marketing strategies.

Daxter Bels

Daxter Bels, Quality Assurance Engineer

With a Bachelors of Science in Electrical Engineering from Florida International University and a concentration focusing on Software Development and Network Design, Daxter works as a Quality Assurance Engineer monitoring and testing software to ensure a high quality end product.

Nora Singer

Nora Singer, Quality Assurance Engineer

Nora is part of the Quality Assurance team, monitoring and testing software to ensure a high quality end product. She studied Information Technology Management in Romania before moving to the United Kingdom and later to Florida. Besides technology, she has a passion for languages, literature and arts, as well as South American wine. She is very excited to be part of the LiveAnswer journey.

Jerry Osorio

Jerry Osorio, Quality Assurance Engineer

With a background in Java and Android development, Jerry brings a logical programming perspective to the Quality Assurance team, helping generate a better end product. He hopes to grow with the company and become one of its senior mobile developers.

Kristina Kononovich

Kristina Kononovich, Quality Assurance Engineer

With a Masters degree in Computer Science from Saint-Petersburg Electrotechnical University, Kristina works as a Quality Assurance Engineer reviewing, testing and improving software guaranteeing the best experience for LiveAnswer customers.


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