About Us


The Short Story


In the beginning, there was a frustrated Adam, his growing company, and a lack of easy phone support when he couldn't catch every call that came in. Missed calls means missed opportunities and Adam found himself against a barrier restricting his business potential. Recognizing that he was right in the middle of an unsolved issue plaguing many businesses, Adam came up with a simple solution - LiveAnswer, an update to the limited, costly, and inefficient model of outdated call-centers.


LiveAnswer sprouted from the realization that businesses were losing valuable business potential in vain because they didn't have the phone support they needed. Resources can only stretch so far, yet there wasn't a phone support option available that was easy, effective and affordable that catered to specific needs. Until LiveAnswer was born.

We believe that running a business should not be a trade-off between quantity of customers and quality of service. Unfortunately, this is the case for several businesses as they can't juggle both components; therefore, they hinder themselves in sales or service. A human connection is essential when forming customer/business relationships, but an overwhelmed business resorts to automated messages as they struggle to manage their phone lines.

This growing discrepancy between businesses and clients was exactly what we decided to take on at LiveAnswer. By no means are we the average phone support. Rather, we have revolutionized phone support into becoming a way to expand business potential quickly and easily while retaining every bit of professional quality.


Long story short, we have come a long way in a short time. We built a service that allows you to set up your own call center experience in one minute, rather than weeks for similar services, and we built it with options fitted for every sized business.

But wait! We didn't stop there.

We redefined efficiency by building a platform that allows you to manage your numbers, messages and reports. We've built native mobile apps for both the iPhone and Android. We've modernized the business phone by giving you more control and ease while simultaneously enabling you to retain the human touch with your customers.

Phone support is understated. We have encompassed business support at large. By removing the barriers limiting businesses, we have given businesses an easy way to unlock their potential.

LiveAnswer - a better way to answer your calls.


Our Values

At LiveAnswer, the core values we encompass are transparency and integrity. We strive to embed both qualities in every feature LiveAnswer's platform and services offer.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to unlocking business' potential through easy, effective and affordable phone support that caters to specific needs while simultaneously providing small businesses access to enterprise call center services.


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